Writers Alliance of Gainesville 2010 Contest--deadline Oct 31

Contest Submission Guidelines

Writers Alliance of Gainesville (WAG)


Annual Literary Journal

2010 CONTEST Submission Guidelines


Contest Submission Period

July 1 through October 31, 2009

Prizes (Each Genre)

First Place–$350.00

Second Place–$75.00

Honorable Mention–Authors and Titles listed in Bacopa.

First and Second Place winners and selected Honorable Mention winners will be published.

All authors whose work is published in Bacopa will receive one free copy.


First, Second and Honorable Mention winners will be notified via email.

All Winners will be posted on the WAG website as soon as selection is complete.

Categories and Word Limits

Fiction—3,300 words

Non-Fiction—3,300 words

Poetry—50 lines per poem

Poetry—Submit up to three poems per contest submission

Submissions that exceed the word or line count will not be considered.

No limit to the number of submissions a person may submit in any category

Each separate entry requires an Entry Fee

Each entry requires a separate Entry Form (see below)


Manuscripts in English and Unpublished at the time of submission

(Please notify Bacopa via email if your submission is accepted elsewhere.)

WAG Membership is not required

Method of Transmission

Email Attachment(s) ONLY—NO mailed, paper manuscripts

Subject Line should read: CONTEST Fiction, or Non-Fiction, or Poetry

the attached manuscript file with the GENRE/TITLE of the manuscript (e.g. Poetry/Love Note in the Snow)

Save the file in .rtf or .doc ONLY

Email the file as an attachment using our online Entry Form

Complete an Entry Form for each submission (See link below and follow instructions in the form.)

Manuscript Format—Fiction and Non-Fiction


One inch Margins, all sides, .05 Paragraph Indent, Right justified

12-point type in Arial or Times New Roman ONLY

Cover Page:  The first page of our document should contain your Name, Address, Email, Phone, Title, Word Count

Page 1 and following:  Title/Page Numbers Upper Right

Page 1:  Word Count under Title/Page Number

Save the File in .rtf or .doc ONLY

(NOTE: Author’s name must not appear on the manuscript.)

Manuscript Format—Poetry

You can send up to three poems per submission. Up to 50 lines per poem.

Poems need not be double-spaced

12-point type in Arial or Times New Roman ONLY

Cover Page: The first page of your document should contain your Name, Address, Email, Phone, and the Title and Line Count for each poem.

Subsequent Pages: Put line count in upper right corner for each poem.

Save the file in .rtf or .doc ONLY. Name the file “Poetry Contest Submission.”

(NOTE:  Author’s name must not appear on the manuscript.)

Entry Form

available at


Fill out a separate Entry Form for each submissi
on. Follow instruction on the Entry Form.

Entry Fees

Writers Alliance of Gainesville (WAG) Members in good standing, your first submission in any genre is FREE. You will also receive a Free copy of Bacopa.

WAG Members–Additional Submissions are $9 each

All Others–$11 each submission

To join WAG, 




You can remit payment by two methods: PayPal or Personal Check.  After filling out the online entry form, you will have an opportunity to use PayPal to submit your payment.  This is our preferred method.

To pay by Personal Check. Make your check payable to: Writers Alliance of Gainesville.

Mail to:

WAG Contest

PO Box 358396

Gainesville, FL 32635

Submissions not following all the above guidelines will not be considered.

Payment must be received by the contest submission deadline, 10/31/09, in order for entries to be considered.

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