Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest--deadline Sept 30


Submit manuscript of 16-20 pages of poetry, any subject, to
Anabiosis Press Chapbook Contest
2 South New Street
Bradford, MA 01835

Include only one poem per page. If a poem continues to a second page, indicate whether or not there is a stanza break. Thirty-five lines equals one page. Divider pages or section titles should be included in the total page count. When determining total line length for each poem, include spaces between stanzas (example: a poem of 5 couplets would equal 14 lines). Numbers or section breaks (often indicated by a * symbol) should also be included as lines when calculating total line length. Count an epigraph as three extra lines. A line that has more than 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation) should be counted as two lines of your total line count. If lines are staggered like a Ferlinghetti poem, estimate the width of the line and remember that the final chapbook will be printed in 10 point Times New Roman font on pages that are 5 1/2 inches wide.

Include the following as separate pages: a biography (this can be included in the cover letter), a cover page with contact information, table of contents, dedication, acknowledgments for any previous publications, and an inside title page (with no name). These pages should not be included in the manuscript's total page count. The cover page should include the manuscript title and all contact information (mailing address, email address, home pho
ne, and cell phone if available). Name should not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

Submit manuscript in a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch non-padded envelope or USPS priority mail envelope. Please do not use paper clips, binder clips, staples, or report folders.

Please enclose a 9 X 12 (or 10 X 13) inch SASE with correct postage if you want your whole manuscript returned. For notification of results only, include a #10 inch business SASE. If there is no SASE, notification will be sent via email. If there is no SASE and no email address, there will be no notification. Please notify us of any change of address, as a copy of the winning chapbook will be mailed six to nine months after the announcement.

All submissions should be postmarked no later than June 30, 2009. Winners will be announced on or soon after September 30, 2009.

Please enclose an $11.00 reading fee payable to THE ANABIOSIS PRESS.

Winner will receive $100 plus 75 copies of the first run.

All who enter will receive a copy of the winning chapbook.

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