Missouri State Poetry Society Summer Contest 2009--deadline Sept 1

Missouri State Poetry Society Summer Contest 2009



Postmarked September 1, 2009


Submit two copies of each entry, category number and name in upper left-hand corner of both copies, poet's name and address in upper right-hand corner of one copy. If you are a member, put "Missouri State Poetry Society" below your address. Put "Non-member" if you are not.


Poems may be 40 or fewer lines. They may be unpublished or previously published if the poet retains the rights to the poem. Poets may enter each category as many times as they wish. No poems will be returned.


Rhymed verse or blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter), any subject, serious or humorous

Free verse, any subject, serious or humorous

Humorous verse, any subject

Any form, summer subject, serious or humorous

Poet's choice: any form (including open-field, shaped, or concrete poetry), any subject, serious or humorous


Non-members pay $1.00 per poem. Members pay $1.00 for two entries in the same category. Make money order or check payable to MSPS and mail to

Billy Adams
12600 McKinstry Road
De Soto, MO 63020

Include an SASE or your e-mail address on a 3x5 index card for a list of the winners.


$25, $15, $10, and three honorable mentions in each category.

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