Declaration Editing Flash Fiction Challenge July 1 -31

What happens when you cross

flash fiction with serialized fiction?

To find out, participate in The Super-Short Summer Serial Challenge (S4C), July 1–31.

What You Do: Tell an original serialized story in nine to twelve installments, with each installment being fewer than five hundred words. Regularly post installments to your personal website or blog throughout July. At the end of the month, submit your completed story to Declaration Editing to be considered as one of five serials published in a special e-journal.

What We Do: We will provide a link to your writing on our blog (wordpress.declarationediting.com) so that readers can find your work and read your story as it unfolds. Once the challenge is over, our staff will pick our five favorite serials and publish them in a special e-journal.

How to Sign Up for the Challenge: Use the online registration form at wordpress.declarationediting.com or send the following information to s4c@declarationediting.com:

* Your name

* Your e-mail address

* A link to your personal website or blog

* A fifty-word description of the story you plan to tell

Be sure to sign up by June 30. Participation is free.

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