"Super Arrow" Call for submissions


Super Arrow is looking to foster potential literature escapades for our glittering, millennial universe. This online publication is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and will have a printed component as its momentum builds. We are looking to publish writing of all sorts, (both creative and more occasionally critical), as well as visual and audio art. Submit to (replace (at) with @).

The publication will be centered on a particular "assignment" for each issue, and is designed to be a generative, community-based entity, more than an exclusively exhibitive one.

If the first assignment doesn't particularly grab you, consider keeping an eye out for future assignments that might not let you go, (hopefully in a good way). It's my intention that each issue be curated more than edited, based on the diverse personalities and aesthetics of submissions received. If you know someone who might be into what Super Arrow is into, please forward them the url.

For the inaugural assignment (THIS IS NOT MY SPECIALITY), and a longer mission statement, head to the blog, which can be found at superarrow.blogspot.com. The submission deadline for the first issue will be August 15th.


Amanda Goldblatt, Ed.


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