Literature, Language, and Diversity Festival TONIGHT! PSU room 228 7-10 pm

Tonight the Multicultural Center, Students in Publishing, Graduate Literary Organization, Portland Review, and Pathos are getting together for a LITERATURE, LANGUAGE, and DIVERSITY Festival!!!!!!!

7-10 pm
Smith 228, Multicultural Center


Paul Collins, from his Believer pieces

Ooligan readers from the newly released translations!
Portland Review!
Sid Miller, of the Burnside Review!

Taquitos! Cookies! Sodas! Fun times to be had by all!

Buy some books and mags! Get info about submissions!

****D.A. Powell books STILL AVAILABLE!

Paul Collins: Biography

Paul Collins is the author of Sixpence House, Banvard's Folly, and Community Writing. Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism, a memoir on raising his young autistic son, will be published in 2004 by Bloomsbury. Collins edits the Collins Library imprint at McSweeney's Books, and his Collins Almanac compilation of literary oddities appears daily at collinslibrary.com. His work has appeared in New Scientist, Cabinet, and The Village Voice. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and son.

He is currently writing The Trouble with Tom, a travelogue on the disappearance and posthumous travels of Thomas Paine's body, to be published by Bloomsbury in 2005. His most recent title for the Collins Library is David Garnett's novella Lady Into Fox (McSweeney's, 2004).

- - - -


Lady Into Fox, editor (McSweeney's, 2004)

Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism (Bloomsbury, 2004)

Sixpence House: Lost in a Town of Books (Bloomsbury USA, 2003)

To Ruhleben—And Back, editor (McSweeney's, 2003)

English As She Is Spoke, editor (McSweeney's, 2001)

Banvard's Folly: Tales of Renowned Obscurity, Famous Anonymity, and Rotten Luck (Picador USA, 2001)

Community Writing (Erlbaum, 2001)

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