2009 Leapfrog Fiction Contest--deadline May 1

2009 Leapfrog Fiction Contest


General Information

Leapfrog Press is delighted to announce the 2009 Leapfrog Fiction Contest.

The 2009 Leapfrog Fiction Contest will be open to submissions from January 15 to May 1, 2009. Any novella, novel, or book-length short-story collection, written in English, primarily for an adult audience and not previously published,* is eligible. The minimum length is 22,000 words; there is no maximum length. Leapfrog Press is primarily interested in literary fiction. We welcome submissions from both new and previously published writers and from writers around the world. Previous publication credits will not be considered in the judges' decisions. Both unagented and agented manuscripts are welcome. Leapfrog Press employees and their family members, and Leapfrog-published authors, are not eligible to enter.

Judging and announcements:

Judging will take place on a rolling basis beginning in March. Submissions will be accepted through May 1, 2009. While the contest is open for submissions, we will not be accepting fiction queries through our normal submission process. Those who wish to submit a work of fiction without going through the contest are encouraged to do so before January 15 or after May 1, 2009. While the contest is open we will continue to consider queries on nonfiction works through our regular submission process as given in the Submission Guidelines.

Entry fee: the entry fee is $25.

Multiple and simultaneous submissions:

Multiple submissions by the same author will be accepted, with a submission fee paid with each manuscript. We do ask however that one author does not submit more than two manuscripts. Simultaneous submissions (submissions to multiple presses) will be accepted, but the entrant must immediately inform Leapfrog Press if a publication offer is made by another press. A First Prize manuscript that is published by another press will be listed as a Finalist in the Leapfrog Fiction Contest.

Contest winners will be announced in June. Please check back again for an exact date. The First Prize winner will be contacted by phone. Finalists and those receiving Honorable Mentions will be contacted by e-mail, and winners' names will be posted on this page at a date TBD.


Judges include authors/writing instructors/book reviewers Michael Lee, Michael Mirolla, and Michael Graziano, as well as Leapfrog's editor-in-chief and editorial staff.


First prize: Publication contract offer from Leapfrog Press, with an advance payment, and permanent listing as a Leapfrog Fiction Contest winner on the Leapfrog Press Web site

Finalist(s): $150 and a short critique of the manuscript; permanent listing on the Leapfrog Press Web site as a Leapfrog Fiction Contest finalist

Honorable mention(s): Listing on the Leapfrog Press Web site

Please follow the entry guidelines below to submit a manuscript.

*Previously self-published books that have no more than 200 copies in circulation (including all review copies, advance copies, and sales) will be considered "unp
ublished" and are eligible for submission.

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