The Burning Bush Poetry Prize--deadline June 1

The Burning Bush
Poetry Prize, 2009

$200 First Prize and Publication in
the Fall 2009 In Our Own Words
Writer's Guidelines
To reward a poet whose writing

1. Inspires others to value human life and the natural world instead of values based on short-term economic advantage
2. Speaks for community-centered values,democratic processes, especially
those whose voices are seldom heard
3. Demonstrates poetic excellence
4. Educates readers of the relevance of the past to the present and future


Submission Deadline: 6/1/09.

Poems should be typed, and formatted as desired. Three poems maximum, any style or form. We prefer unpublished work, but published poems may be submitted. If published before, please include where, when and any acknowledgement information we may need. While we take reasonable care with all your work, be sure not to send your only copies.

Send a stamped self addresses envelop with enough postage to return your work. Send an index card with your name, mailing address, email, phone and title of each poem submitted listed on it.
If your poem is selected for the Poetry Prize, we will need a brief (50 word) biographical statement from you.
That's it. Winners will be selected in July, 2009.
Good Luck.

Reading Fee: $10
Closing Date:6/1/09
Mail to (snail mail ok):

Burning Bush Publications
Poetry Prize
P.O. Box 4658
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

note that submissions
without a Self Add
ressed Stamped Envelope will not be returned

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