Possible Writing Opportunities at KATU.com

Hi writers. This is a forwarded email from Dr. Tracy Dillion.

Mr. Dillon,
My colleague Shannon Cheesman gave me your contact information. She told me she had started the conversation with you some time ago about some writing opportunities for students on our Web site KATU.com. That apparently did not work out but I am trying to resurrect the idea and am looking for some guidance from you.
I am trying to find some contributors to a new Portland-area entertainment blog on KATU.com. I am looking for people to write up reviews of local concerts, theater, art, book readings, etc., as well as interviews with artists, profiles of entertainers, new venues - pretty much anything local that has to do with entertainment.
This would give students an opportunity to publish their work on a Web site read by hundreds of thousands - giving them online clips and experience working with a professional organization. Those who already have their own blogs can also attract more people to them via our Web site.
I am not sure of the best way to promote this opportunity to students. Thanks for any advice.

Eric Collins

Web Producer/Reporter, KATU.com

(503) 231-4294 | ecollins@fsci.com

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