Live Wire! Seeks Funny Writers--deadline Nov 23

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 23, 2008
Live Wire's writing staff is looking to expand by one or two funny people. If you are familiar with the show, then you know we have sketches between :45-4:00 throughout the show. We are hoping to include NON-SKETCH material to our humor arsenal. In other words, don't write what you necessarily already hear—we want to hear something new. New is good.
We'd love it if you sounded even a little like: McSweeney's, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, Demetri Martin, Eugene Mirman, Flight of the Conchords, Whitest Kids You Know
Finalists will be invited to work with our team on an upcoming show and to have at least one piece performed.
All writers who work for Live Wire are contractors and receive payment for their work.
Interested? Please submit the following to info@livewireradio.org with "writing submission" in the subject line by October 20, 2008:
1 sketch: 1-3:00 length
1 "point of view" piece: 300 - 900 words (i.e. personal essay, rant, list, letter, mix tape with commentary, etc.)
1 additional piece of any style that you think best shows off your writing/comic sensibilities. (music/lyrics are fine).

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