Job Opportunity: Monterey Peninsula College--deadline Jan 12, '09

English/Creative Writing Instructor

Fulltime, Tenure Track, Fall 2009

Application Closing Date: January 12, 2009

Position Definition:

The successful candidate is responsible for providing instruction in
creative writing, but will also be expected to teach other English
Department courses. A typical assignment may include two or more of the
following types of courses: creative writing, composition/critical thinking,
introduction to college writing, or developmental writing. Assignments may
be day, evening, weekend, and/or on-line, on the main MPC campus, the MPC
Education Center in Marina, or off-campus. This instructor will also be
responsible for directing MPC's visiting authors' series and for directing
MPC's creative writing program, which may include a campus publication.
Success in these endeavors will require establishing and maintaining a
strong college presence in the local literary community.

As a fulltime faculty member in the Humanities Division the successful
candidate will also

* Use and develop a variety of effective teaching and assessment
methods including the use of computers and information technology to engage
student interest and support a variety of learning styles.

* Evaluate student work using clear criteria relevant to the course
content and learning objectives.

* Maintain and submit accurate records according to published
deadlines (i.e., grades, syllabi, census reports).

* Participate in English schedule development process.

* Develop curriculum and participate in course approval and program
review processes.

* Engage in activities that enhance the department's rapport with
area schools and businesses.

* Participate in faculty recruitment.

* Hold required office hours and attend division meetings.

* Carry out collegial responsibilities including, but not limited to,
institutional committee assignments, student recruitment and retention, and
participation in shared governance committees and campus life activities.

* Communicate and work cooperatively with colleagues (within
discipline and college-wide) on matters regarding course offerings,
programs, and activities that would enhance the development of the
department and college.

* Continue professional development and remain current in the field
through course work, conferences, workshops, and other appropriate means.

* Perform duties described in Board policy, the Faculty Handbook, the
MPCTA Contract, and as assigned at the main MPC campus, the Educational
Center at Marina, and/or other designated locations.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Masters in English, literature, comparative literature, or composition;

2. Bachelors in any of the above AND masters in linguistics, TESL, speech,
education with a specialization in reading, creative writing, technical
writing or journalism; OR

3. California Community College Credential (valid for life) in Language
Arts and Literature; OR

4. The equivalent. To select outstanding faculty members from the largest
possible pool of qualified applicants, Monterey Peninsula College recognizes
that candidates may have attained expertise in English through a variety of
means. Certain combinations of education, experience, and other
accomplishments may be judged by the District as equivalent to a master's
degree for this position. Candidates who feel they possess such equivalent
qualifications are encouraged to obtain and complete an equivalency
application from the Human Resources Department and provide appropriate
documentation of their qualifications; AND

5. Commitment to community college goals/objectives of providing quality
programs and services for culturally, socio-economically, ethnically, and
academically diverse students and students with disabilities; personal
qualities to work effectively and with sensitivity in a multicultural
environment; awareness of and commitment to the needs of non-traditional
and/or re-entry students with diverse abilities and interests.

Personal and Professional Qualities:

1. Knowledge of and commitment to community college teaching;

2. Excellent interpersonal skills;

3. Ability to work with community groups and campus organizations;

4. Effective oral and written communication skills;

5. Ability to meet the needs of community college learners with diverse
backgrounds and a wide range of skills and goals.

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Demonstrated ability to teach creative writing at the community
college level;

2. Published creative writer;

3. Demonstrated ability to establish and administer a college or
community creative writing program;

4. Demonstrated ability to establish and produce a regular creative
writing publication, either print or electronic;

5. Competency in computer-enhanced learning and designing on-line

6. Willingness and ability to work cooperatively with colleagues on
matters regarding course offerings, programs, and activities that would
promote English as a field of study.

Anticipated Starting Compensation

Starting at $51,971-$70,474 annually, based on documented education and
experience. In addition to the base salary, the successful candidate can
also earn a Doctoral stipend of $2,850 or a multiple Masters' stipend of
$2,021, if applicable. In addition, the District provides an excellent
fringe benefits package, including paid medical and dental coverage for
employees and dependents, and a vision plan, life insurance and long-term
disability benefits for the employee only. Retirement is the State Teachers'
Retirement System. Participation in tax deferred plans is available. Child
care is available at the College at a reduced rate on a space-available

Assignment & Anticipated Start Date

The assigned work year is 175.5 days per academic year. The assignment will
include 15 teaching load units (TLUs) plus five office hours per week.
Selected candidates will participate in campus-wide events beginning the
week of August 20, 2009, pending Board approval.

Application Procedures

To be considered for review, applicants must submit the following
application materials:

1. Completed District Application including the Diversity Statement;

2. Cover letter addressing the listed desirable qualifications and
personal and professional qualities;

3. Résumé or Curriculum Vitae;

4. Copies of transcripts from accredited colleges of Bachelor's degree
and all advanced degrees and coursework. Foreign transcripts must be
evaluated by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and
Admissions Officers ( <http://www.aacrao.org/> http://www.aacrao.org/) at
the applicant's expense;

5. Supplemental Application - Minimum Qualifications

6. Three (3) current letters of recommendation relevant to your

7. Supplemental essay on the following topic:

As an English instructor at MPC, in addition to creative writing, you may be
expected to teach developmental writing, composition, literature and
composition, critical thinking and composition, and possibly other course

In teaching creative writing and one of the other above-mentioned course
areas, what assignments would you include? Please select one assignment for
each of the two courses.

Briefly explain each assignment's relevance to the course, its purpose, and
your method of evaluating how well students have met the assignment's
objectives. Please attach a sample of what you would distribute to students
regarding each assignment.

Only items listed above will be reviewed by the selection committee.

Application forms may be obtained from <http://www.mpc.edu/> www.mpc.edu or
from the Human Resources Department by calling (831) 645-1341.

Send all application materials to:

Kali F. Viker, M.S.

Human Resources Department

Monterey Peninsula College

980 Fremont Street

Monterey, CA 93940

Telephone: (831) 646-3038

Text Teletype: (831) 645-1319

FAX: (831) 646-3012

E-mail: KViker@mpc.edu> KViker@mpc.edu

Monterey Peninsula College


Minimum Qualifications

for the position of


Closing Date: January 12, 2009


NAME (Please print)

INSTRUCTIONS: All applicants shall complete and submit this form in
addition to the regular District employment application. The Supplemental
Application consists of this instruction sheet verifying minimum
qualifications (or requesting equivalency). Attach these instructions,
minimum qualification verification to the District employment application.

Note: References to résumés and material other than additional sheets
required to complete this form are not acceptable. This form may be
accessed via the District's Web site at <http://www.mpc.edu/> www.mpc.edu
under the Employment tab.

FOREIGN DEGREES: If you have a degree from a college or university outside
the United States you must have your coursework evaluated by the American
Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (
<http://www.aacrao.org/> http://www.aacrao.org/). A copy of the
professional evaluation must be submitted with the application packet.

I. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Must meet a, b, OR c.) (Otherwise,
please see II. Equivalency below.)

a. Do you possess a Master's degree from a regionally accredited
institution in English, Literature, Comparative Literature, or Composition?

Yes _____ No _____


b. Do you possess a Bachelor's degree in any of the above AND Master's
degree linguistics, TESL, speech, education with a specialization in
reading, creative writing, technical writing or journalism (both degrees
from a regionally accredited institution)?

Yes _____ No _____


c. Do you possess a California Community College Instructor Credential
(valid for life) in Language Arts and Literature?

Yes _____ No _____

II. EQUIVALENCY (if applicable)

If you do not meet one of the above requirements, do you possess minimum
qualifications that you believe to be the equivalent and do you request that
your enclosed evidence be evaluated?

Yes _____ No _____

Note: Equivalency determinations are based solely upon a review of the
individual's application materials and a completed Equivalency to Minimum
Qualification Request with required documentation. Individuals claiming
that they possess equivalent minimum qualifications should complete the
Equivalency to Minimum Qualification Request Form attaching supporting
documentation. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Forms are
available with the job announcement under the Employment tab on the MPC
website, <http://www.mpc.edu/> www.mpc.edu or by contacting the Human
Resources Department at (831) 646-4016.



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