Professional Developement Workshop--Tues Nov 18th!!

Workshop on Teaching at Community Colleges
Tuesday, November 18th
SMU 298

GLO has invited local community college instructors to come speak about their experiences in teaching, how they got where they are today, and what graduate students need to know to prepare themselves for teaching positions. These are full time instructors representing three different colleges.

Our guest speakers will be:
Jill Darley-Vanis - full-time English instructor at Clark Community College. Jill earned her M.A. at Portland State University.

Tom Huminski - full-time instructor of composition and literature at Portland Community College. Tom earned his M.A. at Portland State University.

Ryan Davis - Now a full-time instructor at Clackamas Community College, Ryan previously worked as an adjunct, or part-time instructor, at numerous other colleges and universities. Ryan earned his M.A. from Mississippi State University.

Carol Burnell - Carol works at Clackamas Community College and she also graduated from PSU with her M.A. in English. She also worked at PSU's Writing Center, and is now the coordinator of CCC's Writing Center, as well as a full-time instructor.

Please come to SMU 298 on Tuesday from 7:00-8:30 to hear wonderful insights and valuable job tips. This will be an open discussion, giving you a chance to hear answers to your questions.
These friendly faculty are enthusiastic about what they do and excited to help graduate students learn more about possible job opportunities. If you have ever thought of teaching at a community college, or at any other level, you should not miss this event!

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Anonymous said...

So glad this event is happening and that I heard about it. Is SMU the same as SMSU (Smith Memorial Student Union)?

Very new grad student