Go to a conference on us!

Jennifer and I have some very, very exciting news! GLO is hosting two contests--one for the CCCC (Conference on College Composition and Communication) in San Francisco March 11-14, 2009; and AWP (The Association of Writers and Writing Programs) in Chicago February 11-14, 2009. If you win, you get to go to your choice of conference for almost FREE!! That means, we pay the registration, flight, hotel--you'll be responsible for food, etc, but dang, that's a great deal!

Here are the guidelines:
Write a 500 word "essay" about what you planning on doing with your degree--going on to teach, write, PhD, join the circus? If you want to include how the conference will benefit you and what you're ultimate plans are, go for it. Write with finesse, style, charisma...show our judges what you've been learning in those grad classes!

The entries will be blind--simply put a cover sheet with your name, contact info, and WHAT CONFERENCE YOU'RE APPLYING FOR on your submission. On the submission itself, do not put your name or contact info--if you do, we'll have to disqualify you and that would be :-(
Judges are: Professor Hildy Miller for the CCCC and Professors Michele Glazer and Debra Gwartney for the AWP conference.

Leave all entries in the EGO or WEGO mailbox in the English Dept office. We like to think of them as GLO's one, giant mailbox.


Winners will be announced December 8th, 2008!

We encourage everyone to submit--this is a great opportunity that you won't want to pass up!

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