"Oregon Quarterly" Essay Contest--deadline Jan 31

Oregon Quarterly essay contest invites entries on Northwest themes

EUGENE, Ore. -- (10/30, 2008) -- Oregon Quarterly, the magazine of the University of Oregon, invites submissions to its tenth annual Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest.

The Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest, sponsored by Oregon Quarterly and The Duck Store (formerly the University of Oregon Bookstore), is open to previously unpublished writing about ideas affecting the Northwest.Non-fiction writers are encouraged to compete in open and student categories.

The winner in the open category will receive $750 and publication in the Summer 2009 issue of Oregon Quarterly, which is distributed to nearly 100,000 readers. The student winner will receive $500 and publication in the Autumn 2009 issue. The second- and third-place writers in both categories will also receive cash prizes.

Olympian marathoner and native Oregonian Kenny Moore, author of ³Bowerman and the Men of Oregon,² will judge this year¹s contest. Moore has written articles for Sports Illustrated beginning in 1971 and served as a senior writer for the magazine from 1980 to 1995. He co-wrote (with Robert Towne) ³Without Limits,² the 1998 Warner Bros. feature film on Steve Prefontaine and Bill Bowerman.

The 15 finalists will be announced in the Summer 2009 issue of Oregon Quarterly and invited to attend a workshop with Moore. Six top essays, from both the student and open categories, will be featured in a public reading.

Entries must be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2009. There is no entry fee.

For complete submission guidelines, visit http://www.OregonQuarterly.com

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New poems by Michelle Askin, David Appelbaum, Laurel Bastian, Tony Colella, Andy Cox, Ori Fienberg, Rebecca Givens, Taylor Graham, Gregory Lawless, Richard Sederstrom, and Harriot West; and art from Winter Wolves by Liz Amini-Holmes.

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James Bertolino, Alice Cullina, Michael A. Flanagan, Jaimie Gusman, Chera Hodges, Robert Jacoby, Thomas David Lisk, Iain Macdonald, Michael K. Meyers, Nancy Wing, and Gerald Yelle; and art by Mitko Zhelezarov.

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12.1 (Fall 2007)
Michelle Bitting, Ingrid Chung, Michael A. Flanagan, Ellen Kombiyil, Robert Nazarene, Amy Pence, Lynne Potts, Terry Savoie, Sarah Sorenson, Anne Whitehouse, and Erica Wright; and art by Richard Biscayart

11.4 (Summer 2007)
Philip Brady, Therese L. Broderick, Lydia R. Cooper, Michael A. Flanagan, Nancy A. Henry, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Laura McCullough, Karen Pape, Petre Stoica, and Sally Van Doren; and art from the Underground Series by Megan Karlen.

11.3 (Spring 2007)
Caroline Manring, Kimberly L. Becker, Jana Bouma, Lane Falcon, Ruth Foley, Laura Hinreisen, Jennifer Juneau, Deborah Mayhew, J. R. Solonche, and Jane Varley; and art from the Underground Series bby Megan Karlen.

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10.4 (Summer 2006)
Lauren K. Alleyne, Maureen Alsop, Kevin Conder, Mike Coughlin, Joellen Craft, Mark Cunningham, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Zachary Greenwald, Phoebe North, and Stephanie Smith; and art by Don Swartzentruber.

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10.2 (Winter 2006)
Wendy Carlisle, Scott Bailey, Peter Berghoef, Regina Coll, Weston Cutter, Jolia Einstein, Joel Friederich, Merideth Gresher, Clark Holtzman, Mark Jackley, and Martha Serpas; and art by Jackie Skrzynski

10.1 (Fall 2005)
Arlene Ang, Lightsey Darst, Matthew Flaming, Richard Freed, Laura McCullough, Lauren Mitchell, Ed Shannon, Henry Stanton, Kirk VanDyke, Lisa Zaran; and art by Gregory Euclide

9.4 (Summer 2005)
Anna Evans, Judy Kronenfeld, Elizabeth Laborde, Stephen Newton, Tara Pearson, Catherine Perry, Jayne Pupek, Thomas Reynolds, Cheryl Ruggiero, and JeFF Stumpo; and art by Barry Maloney.

9.3 (Spring 2005)
Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Jefferson Carter, M. Chavez, Laylage Courie, Jen Currin, Paul Dickey, George Freek, Joy Icayan, Mercedes Lawry, Nicole Poirier, and M. Lynx Qualey; and mixed-media by Mark Flowers.

9.2 (Winter 2005)
Louie Crew, Pamela Garvey, Stephen Knauth, Autumn McClintock, Rober Pesich, Madelyn Rosenberg, David Schuster, Keli Stafford, Leigh Stein, Scott T. Summers, and Lowell Mick White; and alphanumeric paintings by August Highland.

9.1 (Fall 2004)
Robyn Art, Janet Buck, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Lightsey Darst, Eve Jones, Charlie Holland, Clay Matthews, Brent Pallas, Jayne Pupek, and David Starkey; and art by Kelly Darke.

8.4 (Summer 2004)
Michael Brosnan, Rosemarie Crisafi, Judy Kronenfeld, Patrick Loafman, Joseph Massey, Frances McConnel, Shawn McLain, William Reichard, Amie Sharp, and T. L. Stokes; and monotype prints by Cristina Carrol.

8.3 (Spring 2004)
Iris Alkalay, Priscilla Atkins, Mark DeCarteret, Paul Dickey, Pat Hegnauer, Clay Matthews, Dan Mummert, Amy Pence, Evelyn Posamentier, and Kami Westhoff, and pinhole photography by Dan McCormack.

8.2 (Winter 2004)
Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Jefferson Carter, Mike Chasar, Mark Cunningham, Garin Cycholl, Stewart Florsheim, Elisabeth Hamilton, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Jeffrey Little, and Sarah Miller; and art from the Tragic Beauty series by Barbara Abel.

8.1 (Fall 2003)
Arlene Ang, Stephen Benz, Benjamin Buchholz, Christina Wos Donnelly, Annalynn Hammond, Judy Kronenfeld, Treva Lewsi, Allan Peterson, and Scott T. Starbuck; translations of Gu Cheng by Aaron Crippen; and art by Donald Bied.

7.4 (Summer 2003)
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6.4 (Summer 2002)
Melissa Ahart, Wendy Carlisle, Jeff Friedman, Maria Garner, Robert Gibbons, Claudia Grinnell, Gordon Massman, Michael Meyerhofer, Anna Riesman, and James Sallis; and art by Amadeo Cortez.

6.3 (Spring 2002)
Masour Alajali, John Amen, Grace Bedwell, Teri Browning, Howard Good, Prasenjit Maiti, Spencer Ryan, John Sweet, and Phibby Venable; and musical notations by David Zvanut.

6.2 (Winter 2002)
Thomas Bates, Roger Jones, Leigh Kirkland, Robert Hill Long, Frances McConnel, Michael Meyerhofer, Ann Politte, Logan Ryan Smith, T. L. Stokes, Kelly White, and Ian Randall Wilson.

6.1 (Fall 2001)
Wendy Carlisle, Laura Hartman, Romana Iorga, Elizabeth Knapp, Ann Neuser Lederer, Walt Mcdonald, Mark Melton, Allan Peterson, Matthew Schmeer, and Leonore Wilson.

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