Grad student volunteers: From the PSU English Dept.

Want to get involved around campus? This is a great chance for networking, student involvement, and good-deeding! Below is an email from Sarah Berry in the English dept.:

>From time to time prospective students ask if there are current grad students or recent graduates who would be willing to respond to email or phone questions about your experience in the program. I'd love to compile a list of students in each program area to whom I can forward such queries.
Anyone interested? It's not a frequent need, so you might not get any requests at all, and you can always tell me to take you off the list if it doesn't work out.

Needless to say we would prefer volunteers who will be frank but not one-sided in their assessment of the program (in other words, if you need to vent about a really bad experience here there are more productive ways to do this than discouraging prospective students with any horror stories you may have).

At the moment I need someone in the non-fiction writing program (current student and / or graduate).
Let me know if you're willing to offer this service to the Department. Thanks in advance!
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Sarah Berry
Department of English
Portland State University

503 725-3623

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