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Ink & Paper Group Spring/Summer 2008 Internship Opportunities

Ink & Paper Group, LLC, has the following internships available for spring/summer term. In general, these internships are unpaid but negotiable in duration and hours, in accordance with academic or personal requirements. (And we aren’t nearly as stuffy as that sounded...)


Design interns are given specific design tasks, which may include book projects, marketing materials, Web design, teaser trailers for books, or other projects as needed. Design interns must be familiar with a variety of software programs, including the Adobe Creative Suite (knowledge of InDesign is a must). The type of work as well as the intern’s schedule and skill level will help dictate the breadth and depth of work. Interns will be credited for their involvement in published works.


Marketing interns will help create strategies for existing titles and incoming acquisitions, responsibilities will include development of internal and external documents such as marketing plans, implementation plans, booksheets, author bios, etc. In addition, marketing interns will gain experience and confidence that will result in successful and rewarding communications with authors, bookstores, media, and fellow industry professionals.

Assistant Publisher - Dame Rocket Press, Bowler Hat Comics, Three Muses Press

Gain experience in all areas of publishing (editing, design, marketing) as they relate to the specific imprints. Work directly with the publishers, with emphasis on project management, development of the imprint, and preparation of future projects.

*Bowler Hat is also interested in exploring long-term internships attached directly to specific titles, overseeing all aspects of the books development from acquisition to publication to post-pub marketing.


Business intern will assist our CEO and COO with business organization as well as operational and finance tasks. The primary needs are capital procurement, record keeping, and integration into the broader local business community.


Editorial interns begin with acquisitions work (reader’s reviews, acceptance & rejection letters, tipsheets, proposals, etc.) and in-house editing needs for documents and Web content. Interns will then move on to a primary editorial project, usually book-length. Interns work directly with our editor in chief and, as needed, with individual editors or publishers for specific imprints. The type of work (developmental, copyediting, proofreading, etc.) as well as the intern’s schedule and skill level will help dictate the breadth and depth of work. Interns will be credited as Associate Editor in published works.

Please contact:

Linda Meyer, COO

Ink & Paper Group, LLC
1825 SE 7th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

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