Class: Professional Editing (Feb. 16)

Professional Editing
Saturday, February 16, 1 5 p.m.
Cost: $100

The demand for editors is quickly rising. Unfortunately, in the United States, no formal certification process is required for editors. Those wanting to be editors need to distinguish themselves from those who have simply hung out shingles because they feel they write well or they have a degree in English. This class breaks down the various professional editing roles and discusses how the editing process should work from simple one-on-one freelance gigs directly with an author, to complex interactions with large publishing houses. The class also includes information on project management including estimating time, staying within deadlines, dealing with fatigue, and working with challenging clients.

Instructor Ali McCart is the owner and senior editor of Indigo Editing. She is also the Web director of WiPP (Women in Portland Publishing). Ali is an experienced editor and business leader in both the traditional publishing company structure and the freelance editing industry.

Ink & Paper Group, LLC
COO and Editor in Chief
Three Muses Press, Publisher
1825 SE 7th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

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