Submissions: UCR Graduate Panel (Deadline Feb. 15)

Writing Across University Divides (panel and readings)
Poetry, Fiction, Drama, and Creative Non-Fiction Inspired by Campus Research

(dis)junctions Graduate Conference 2008, UCR
April 11-12, 2008

"In their social and institutional setting, writing programs as a genre serve both an ideological and hence also epistemological function; they help structure a relation of language and culture." - Jeanne Gunner in Ideology, Theory, and the Genre of Writing Programs, 2002.

As part of this year's (dis)junctions 2008, writers are invited to dialogue across campus divides, and incorporate theoretical, ideological, and/or research findings into their creative work. We encourage actual contact with student and faculty researchers in other departments for clarification of ideas and purposes, but work that is based on substantial considerations of current research is also welcome.

We are also interested in papers that examine the current relationship of Creative Writing Programs to other university departments, and that describe and/or postulate innovative practices that could connect writing with the social, political, scientific, and humanities developments within campuses.

This panel encourages creative submissions from outside creative writing or English departments, as long as there is a dialogue outside of the writer's main area of expertise.

This panel is taking two types of submissions:

1) Creative submissions based upon research developments in other campus departments :
a. Up to three (3) poems (limit three pages)
b. Short fiction (500-3000 words)
c. Short plays or scenes from longer works (10 - 15 pages)
d. Creative Non-Fiction (500-3000 words)

Also include a paragraph describing the intercampus relationship (researcher, topic, department) and the dialogue or articles that inspired the work.

Selected creative writings will be posted and writers will be invited to read their work in a session at the conference.

2) Papers examining the relationship of Creative Writing to other departments: how are programs situated to encourage the
translation of ideas and developments for readers outside university intellectual territories? What
benefits are there for the academy in encouraging dialogue either internally or externally.

For papers, please submit 250-word proposals (for presentations approx. 15 minutes in length) to panel chair Brenda Varda at bvard001(at) student.ucr. edu (replace (at) with @) with the heading, CREATIVE WRITING: PAPER

For creative submissions (see above guidelines), can be sent to the same email with the heading CREATIVE WRITING: ORIGINAL WORK.

Submission deadline is February 15th, 2008.

Attachments should be in Rich Text or Word format only, and please include your name, professional affiliation, and contact information in the body of your email.

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