Contest: Oregon State Poetry Association (Deadline Feb. 29)

The Oregon State Poetry Association (OSPA) has announced its 2008 Spring Poetry Contest offering $775 in prizes for winners in seven categories and publication in the group’s annual anthology, Verseweavers.

Two new categories have been added to the spring contest, Poetry of Witness and Prose Poem. Other categories are Poet’s Choice, entries for which can be poems in any form on any subject, Free Verse. Traditional Verse and Members Only. There is also a New Poets contest for poets who have never won a cash prize for their poetry in any contest.

The Poetry of Witness contest is sponsored in honor of Hannah Wilson by the Eugene-Springfield unit of the association. Wilson, who lived near Eugene, OR, taught high school English and humanities for twenty years and was known for speaking out against injustice. She led protests, marched, phoned and picketed demanding attention to what she thought was right. Her poetry was imbued with her lifelong commitment to witnessing and speaking out.

Winners will be announced and prize checks and certificates will be awarded at OSPA’s Spring Conference, April 25-26, 2008, in Salem, OR. Honorable mentions will be awarded in all categories.

Judges are chosen from among established Oregon poets, poetry publishers and poetry teachers at Oregon colleges and universities.

Entries must be postmarked on or before February 29, 2008 to be eligible for the contest. Members pay $1 and nonmembers $4 for each poem entered. The Members Only category is free to OSPA members.

Poets interested in entering poems in one or more of the categories can get a list of rules by writing to M. E. Hope, Contest Chair, 5183 Round Lake Road, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, or on the association’s Web site, www.oregonpoets.org.

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Oregon State Poetry Association Fall 2007 Contest Winners List
(All towns in OR unless noted)

Poet’s Choice - Judge, Don Colburn, Portland
1st Place: “Japanese Gardens” Marie Buckley, Hillsboro
2nd Place: “Poem Upon Hearing Her First Remark About How Beautiful The Sunset Was” Paula Lowden, Portland
3rd Place: “Three Quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama” Marjorie H. Goss, Corvallis
4th Place: “The Birthright, According to Esau” Marvin Lurie, Portland
HMs: Christopher M. Wicks, Silverton; Suzanne Burns, Bend; Charles Dallman, Alsea; Steve Williams, Portland

Free Verse/Theme – Falling - Judge, Angela Howe-Decker, Ashland
1st Place: “Time and Time Again” Bette Lynch Husted, Pendleton
2nd Place: “Remembering Gravity” Nancy Flynn, Portland
3rd Place: “Release” Linda Gelbrich, Corvallis
HMs: Shawn Sorensen, Portland; Rosemary Moeller, St Lawrence, SD; Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Tehama, CA; Toni Van Deusen, Eugene

Dueling Judges – Judge 1, Peter Sears, Corvallis
1st Place: ”Edith at 90” Bonnita Stahlberg, Eugene
2nd Place: “Pablo Neruda at his Desk” Lucinda Huffine, Hillsboro
3rd Place: “They Laughed When I Sat Down to Play” David Hedges, West Linn
HMs: Christopher M. Wicks, Silverton; Bette Lynch Husted, Pendleton; Nancy Flynn, Portland; Veronica Yates, Eugene

Dueling Judges – Judge 2, Willa Schneberg, Portland
1st Place: “”Night Shift, Municipal Morgue” Allison Joseph, Carbondale, IL
2nd Place: “Pablo Neruda at his Desk” Lucinda Huffine, Hillsboro
3rd Place: “Bald Eagle Nest” Marie Buckley, Hillsboro
HMs: Constance Hall, Portland; Carol Ellis, Forest Grove; Colette Tennant, Salem; Nancy Flynn, Portland

Traditional Verse - Judge, Marianne Klekacz, Eddyville
1st Place: “Finches Dropping In” Mary Ann Schnorenberg, Hillsboro
2nd Place: “Derelict” Richard Wakefield, Federal Way, WA
3rd Place: “In My Back Yard” Joseph Schrader, Hillsboro
HMs: Shirley Elliott Cosby, Emory, TX; Carol Ann Lantz, Corvallis; Cat Donnelly, Elkins, AR; Virginia Buelke, Citrus Springs, FL

Members Only -- Judge, Linda Elegant, La Grande
1st Place: “Why dad he did he died" Edward Sage, Portland
2nd Place: “Artists of the Painted Cave” Sandy Jensen, Eugene
3rd Place: “Acadia Pines” Toni Van Deusen, Eugene
HMs: Melanie Green, Portland; Nancy Flynn, Corvallis; E. Gail Parr, Eugene; Jean Esteve, Waldport

New Poets – Judge, Amy Miller, Ashland
1st Place: “Box with Bird” Alene Bikle, Portland
2nd Place: “This Yard” Richard Lewis, Portland
3rd Place: “Littered Landscapes” Heidi Schulman Greenwald, Portland
HM: Keli Stafford, Silverton; Charles Farrell Thielman, Eugene; Marjorie Goss, Corvallis; Charles Dallmann, Alsea