Jeff Alessandrelli Published in Caffeine Destiny!

Second-year poetry student (and WEGO assistant coordinator) Jeff Alessandrelli is featured in the new issue of Caffeine Destiny.

Here is a sample of his work:

Poem with Lay of the Land

Take me with you
the water bucket cries to the vast sunlight &
bright stars forever spilling out top the well
but trapped is as trapped does,
especially on view at the bottom.
If there is an afterlife
all our heavy books seem to tell us
in the afterlife
denial does not exist.

Still the while us
smelling the roses,
blowing on dandelions,
in order to figure out
what to wish for next.
I'm skipping stones in my head, see?
Deep in some parts,
shallow in the others,
the lake's surface up there
is just beginning to completely thaw out.

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amber said...

Congrats Jeff! That is great.