From Debra Gwartney:

"I hope you'll all join me in thanking Jessica Machado for her
outstanding work as WEGO coordinator this year (the last WEGO
coordinator ever). She jumped through the bureaucratic hoops,
endured the "trainings" and meetings, slogged through the pages
of material, all in order to bring true financial vibrancy to
your organization. Those funds will allow you all to plan some
great events, readings, workshops, whatever next year--so get
involved! I'll also mention Jessica's excellent event planning
and her regular updates on the blog and other daily care-taking
of WEGO. Welcome to Amber, new coordinator of GLO, and a fond
thanks and farewell to Jessica." --co-advisor Debra Gwartney

1 comment:

amber said...

Such a great job Jessica! Don't be surprised if I blow up your email box with questions :-P Just kidding!