Odd (But Paid) Writing Opportunity

Common Ties 20 Questions Project

We pay $50 for any answer we accept and more for (optional) artwork. Answers to our 20 Questions are ideally 50 words or less. To get going, please go here. All submissions should be emailed to CT20Questions@gmail.com.

We suggest you review our home page first to see answers we have already published, as well as our orphans page to review answers we have purchased but that still need artwork.Please keep in mind:

1. Answers must be true to the best of your knowledge.
2. Answers must be pasted into your email, not attached.
3. You may submit multiple answers at once.
4. Answers should be 50 words or less; we make occasional exceptions.
5. Answers submitted with art may have a greater chance of acceptance.
6. Answers may be written as prose or poetry.
7. Optional information includes the time/location of your answer.
8. Submissions will be reviewed within four weeks.
9. We only reply to those whose answers we wish to buy.
10. We require writers to sign a contract, confirm their answer is true, and provide their name and address for payment. Common Ties does not share this information.

Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
Editor | Common Ties

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