Internships: International Journalism Opportunities

Earn academic credit, gain valuable professional experience, and apply financial aid. All internships are for academic credit on your home campus. The application deadline for fall 2008 is April 15. To learn more about the IE3 Global Internships program, visit our website at http://ie3global.ous.edu.

IRELAND: The Dubliner
Sharpen your journalism skills in the heart of Dublin. Join a small staff in their downtown Dublin office to participate in all aspects of the editorial process - from researching and writing stories to subediting. In exchange for contributing your writing skills, imagination, outgoing personality and computer literacy, you will gain full immersion in all aspects of magazine production: pitching stories, researching, deadline pressures, editing, etc. For more information read the full postion description.

CHILE: Media and Journalism Internship
Intern at one of several English language news agencies in Santiago, Chile. In general, news are taken from the national and local newspapers or internet sites in Spanish and transformed and adapted for the English-speaking user in print, internet and radio formats. Internships are available in sales and marketing, print journalism, radio broadcasting, web site and graphic design, and photojournalism. Open to many majors. Journalism experience not required. 6 months or longer. Language requirement: 3rd year university level Spanish or equivalent; excellent written English. Read the full position description.

BRAZIL: The Information Company
Make your business internship work for you locally and abroad! Based in Seattle, WA and in São Paolo, Brazil, develop your skills in bilateral commercial relations and communications. This is a great opportunity to build local and international business connections. Read the full position description for more details.

GUATEMALA: Asociacion Ajb'atz' Enlace Quiché
Enlace Quiché operates CETEBIs (Bilingual Intercultural Educational Technology Centers) with computers and multimedia equipment to support the training of bilingual teachers and the production of didactic material in 6 Mayan languages. Enlace Quiche teaches with computers, not about computers. There are three intern positions available to collaborate with this innovative organization working to improve the human capacity of indigenous peoples through innovative applications of information and communication technology: Digital Weaver Intern, Educational Curriculum Intern, or NGO Management and Outreach Support Intern. Requires a 6 month minimum commitment. Language requirement: two years of university level Spanish. Read the full position description.
South Africa: Film and Advertising Industry Internships
Interns will be individually placed in a specific company within the film industry, based on their experience and interests. Opportunities include advertising, film production management, television, photography, and post-production work. Read the full position description.

COSTA RICA: Tico Times
The Tico Times is an independent English-language weekly covering news, business, tourism, and cultural developments in Costa Rica and Central America. Internships are available for one writer and one photographer with some writing skills. Position provides solid applied journalistic feature and news writing experience as well as an opportunity to build Spanish speaking, comprehension and listening abilities in a cross-cultural context. Main writing and photographic duties are associated with the features section, but all interns get some news experience as well. May involve interviewing in Spanish and English, writing stories, copyediting for grammatical and contextual errors, taking photos, and gathering research materials. This 4 month internship has set dates and is competitive. Language requirement: 3rd year Spanish. Read the full position description.

IE3 Global Internships is a program of the Oregon University System. Students from participating institutions in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Utah are eligible to apply. All internships are for credit on your home campus. Financial aid may be applied to the program fee.

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