Volunteer (future pay possible): Editor of The Portland Alliance

The Portland Alliance, Portland's oldest monthly progressive paper, is seeking a new editor, as well as additional board members.

Currently, the position of editor is in a volunteer capacity, but we are working towards being financially able to pay for the position within the next several months. Your duties would start with the January issue, and the workload is about 10-20 hours per week or more, depending on your energy level. Duties include, but are not limited to: working with the editorial board to develop article ideas, coordinating & supporting writers, coordinating artists, prioritizing news stories for each issue, coordinating layout, acting as official Alliance spokesperson, and checking email and phone messages regularly.

This position would work well for someone who is working part time and wants to gain experience, or someone who has experience in the newspaper industry and who wants to volunteer his or her knowledge. We are moving to a model of editor as "Editorial Coordinator" so that duties are distributed more evenly across board members and other volunteers, so as to alleviate burnout since it is a volunteer capacity.

This is an exciting time at the paper, as we are looking to re-energize our board with new blood, and have a template ready for a freshly redesigned look. Now is the time to get involved -- we are wide open for new suggestions and eager for new community members to be involved.

This is your paper -- do with it what you will.

Call 503-239-4991 or reply to mazza@theportlandalliance.org or jennifersvoice at yahoo.com if you are interested.

Jennifer Polis
Editorial Coordinator
The Portland Alliance
"Distressing Portland's Elite Since 1981"

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