Submissions: Oregon Humanities (Deadline Nov. 13)

From the Oregon Council of the Humanities (Oregon Humanities magazine):

We are accepting submissions for the Spring 2008 issue, on the theme of "Strangers," which will explore the ways that people, experiences, and ideas may be perceived as foreign and strange, and how these perceptions limit and/or expand our sense of the world around us. We are interested in submissions that consider this theme through both the traditional disciplines of the humanities (e.g., history, literature, jurisprudence) and in contemporary culture. For example, how do the notions of stranger and other play out in recent public debates about marriage, immigration, land-use policies, and the urban/rural divide?

For this issue of the magazine, we are currently soliciting features, Posts, and artwork:

Feature articles and essays: Please read the writers' guidelines here and download the call for proposals. Proposals of features and drafts of essays are due on November 13, 2007.

Posts: Please review the writers' guidelines for Posts here. For the Strangers issue, writers may wish to explore the notions of strangers, foreigners, and others in literature, history, and the arts; the role of the stranger as hero or villain in culture and society; or experiences with and revelations about strangers in our everyday lives. Reader submissions should be no longer than 500 words. Please send them by January 7, 2008, to Oregon Council for the Humanities, Attn: Posts, 812 SW Washington St., Suite 225, Portland, OR 97205, or posts@oregonhum.org. Submissions may be edited for space or clarity.

Photos and art: We are also accepting submissions of photography and artwork that reflect the theme of strangers. Please download and review the photo entry form for more information. Photo submissions are due on January 7, 2008.
And if you have any ideas for Field Work articles, interviews, and reviews--which do not have to reflect this issue's theme--please contact the editor.

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