Contest: All kinds of writing (Deadline: Nov. 15)

2008 Georgetown Review Contest

Prize: $1,000 and publication (in Georgetown Review) of the winning short story, poem, or essay on the subject of Redemption.

We’re very flexible about what satisfies our theme requirement. We’d be equally interested in stories, poems, and essays about folks who find redemption and those who don’t. If the situation where redemption is pursued is obviously spiritual in nature, that’s fine, but if it’s secular or legal or something else, we’re equally interested. The work can be about families or individuals or criminals or saints or those of us who are probably somewhere in between. It can be about dogs or cats or cows or fish, or for that matter, a situation in which redemption or the pursuit or avoidance of it plays a part.

Submissions must be postmarked by on or before November 15, 2007.

Entry fee is $10 for the first entry, $5 for each entry thereafter.

If you want your work returned or want to receive a notice about the winner and runners-up, you must send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

However, we will post a list of the work we choose on our website after the contest is judged, and we will do our best to have this list up by February 2008.

The magazine’s editors will judge.

Simultaneous and multiple submissions are okay. Your name can appear on your work as well, and in fact, we prefer that. We have a small editorial staff and would not award the prize to any colleagues, students, or friends.

All entries are considered for publication. In the 2007 contest, 22 runner-up works were selected for publication. If your work is published, Georgetown Review acquires first North American rights, which means that after we publish the piece the rights to it revert back to you.

Send entries to:
2008 Contest
Georgetown Review
400 East College Street
Box 227
Georgetown, KY 40324

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