Call for Submissions: Prose

The Cupboard, a pamphlet

The Cupboard is a free and anonymous pamphlet published once a month in Lincoln and distributed around the country by fair-minded people with time on their hands. We've just put out our ninth volume of creative prose writing, and are continually seeking submissions from serious writers interested in alternative publication methods.

In the spirit of pamphlets and their long, long history, The Cupboard is wholly anonymous---in both the people behind its production and the writers who fill its pages. As such, the writing itself is given the spotlight, and each volume becomes an ensemble of unnamed voices blended
The Cupboard makes no editorial demands, other than that submissions be written in prose of no longer than 2000 words. Submissions are accepted year-round at cupboard@thecupboardpamphlet.org.

We have a mailing list through which you can be kept abreast of future theme issues. To sign up, or for more information, please visit our web site.

Thank you for your interest:
The Cupboard

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