The Giving Back Fellowship!

The Giving Back Fellowship is a monetary award that supports students in Portland State University's MFA program in nonfiction writing during their second year in the program. It is based on both need and overall achievement. Funding for the Fellowship comes from former and current students in the nonfiction program who "give back" to help those coming along behind them, as well as donations from family members and outside donors. Most of the student donations have been doubled through a matching pledge.

(Note: I'd like to extend the Fellowship opportunity to fiction and possibly poetry students in the future, if funds can be found.)

If you are able to contribute something, however small, or if you know of someone who might want to contribute, please contact me at mcgregor@pdx.edu.

Or, to simply make a contribution, you can send a check to: Michael McGregor, c/o English Dept., Portland State University, Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751. The check should be made out to "PSU Foundation" and should have "Giving Back Fellowship" on the subject line.

You can also contribute online through the PSU Foundation. Here's the link: https://www.foundation.pdx.edu/publicgift/publicgiftone.jsp. Be sure to check the last box, "Other," and write in "Giving Back Fellowship--English Department."

All donations are tax-deductible and, if the giver resides in Oregon, eligible for the Cultural Trust program, which allows those who give an equal amount to the Cultural Trust to take 100% of this second donation off their state taxes. See the Cultural Trust Web site for details: http://www.culturaltrust.org/donate/donate_and_receive_your_tax_credit.php.

Thank you for any help you can give,

Michael McGregor
Associate Professor
Nonfiction & Fiction Writing
English Department
Portland State University

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