GLO is hiring!!! That's right.

Do you...

* like nerding out with fellow lovers of writing and literature?
* like attending readings? workshops? seminars? conferences? discussions?
* like coordinating events?
* like meeting people?
* like working directly with faculty?
* like blogging?
* like emailing?
* like designing fliers and posters?
* like ordering and selling books--books that totally will rock your world and make you happier and more fulfilled in life?
* like making an impact? both at PSU and in the Portland community? and maybe even in the entire world!?
* like deadlines? do you find yourself craving that final push to get things done?
* like having an office on campus, located right in Smith, two seconds away from PSU burritos and sushi and those all-important lattes?
* like creating events that make you and your friends happy? and smarter? and, potentially, cooler? more well-rounded and networked in whatever world, whether writing or literature, they or you may want to be networked in?
* like reading? like writing? like talking?

Then we may have the perfect job for you!!!!!

It's my job. And Jennifer's job.

Because GLO is hiring!

That's right. We're looking for TWO new coordinators for next school year (2009-2010). One hire-y will be from the MA Lit side and one from the MFA Writing or MS Publishing side. That way it's balanced. Balance is pretty sweet.

If you're interested, or have a few questions, email me or Jennifer Davis (gradlit@pdx.edu) and we'll be happy to share with you more coolio details about our work lives. Being a GLO coordinator is pretty much totally awesome, I'll tell you that much right now. We've met mucho writers, publishers, scholars, etc and we've had fun doing it!

Interviews are scheduled for APRIL. Hiring will take place soon after that.

Ok, that's all for now. Shoot me an email to learn more!!

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