New GLO Coordinators Announced!!

As we move forward with merging WEGO, EGO and LAC to form the Graduate Literary Organization (GLO), we have selected two amazing co-coordinators who will lead GLO next year: Amber Beaman from the writing program and Jennifer Davis from the English program. Amber will be a second-year fiction student in the fall and has been involved with WEGO, the WIC (Writing Intensive Course) assistant program and the Writing Center. Jennifer will also be a second-year student and served on EGO's general committee this year. They both have great ideas for building a stronger literary community and planning events that are of interest to both writing and English students.

The coordinators will take the reigns in the fall. For now, I will continue to post to the blog through mid-June. From there, the URL may change to reflect the GLO name. We'll keep you posted about changes as they happen.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. Welcome Amber and Jennifer!

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