Register for Winter Writing Study Groups

If anyone's interested, you can now register for the one-credit
writing study groups online. Listings are below:

WR 510: Radio Scriptwriting
CRN: 45695
Coordinator: Nat Weinham (nat@weinham.com ).
Description: Whether it's radio drama, audio journalism, or just plain make-believe, crafting an audio performance requires a writer with control, a writer who can regulate more than just language, but also the structure upon which that language hangs. You'll learn the life-cycle from script to podcast, but only your writing matters here. Just as film, sonnets, and profiles train the writer through restrictions, the radio script, likewise, sharpens the writer's edge. Accept the challenge! Wield more than the hammer of prose. Write 5-10 pages of script per week. Lose your prose accent. Join radio scriptwriting today!

WR 510: Reading and Evaluation Fiction/Poetry for Portland Review
Coordinator: Patrick Hass (bubbahaas@hotmail.com):
Description: Reads, critiques and discusses submissions for PSU's literary journal, the Portland Review.All readers are mentioned in the issue of the Review that they read for.

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